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Emergency AC Service

Air conditioning emergencies don’t scare us.

When your air conditioner goes out, the last thing you want to do is wait for service—especially while it’s only getting hotter outside. But don’t stress! Team Austin brings the ER to your AC six days a week. Plus, you can use our live online booking tool 24/7 to make sure your AC repairs come as soon as possible.

24/7 AC Emergency First-Aid Kit (Start Here)

Follow these quick troubleshooting steps before booking an emergency AC service. (You might be able to save money while saving your air conditioner!)

  • Turn the power off to your cooling system. Regardless of what HVAC system you have, you should be able to find the on-off switch somewhere on the side of the indoor furnace.

  • Replace the air filter. So many cooling problems that at first look like emergencies end up being fixed with a simple filter change. Rule out restricted airflow as the cause of your AC problem by changing the air filter now.

  • Check the outdoor AC unit. Head outside and take a look at your air conditioner for clues. You may notice a frozen refrigerant line that needs to be thawed, or a clogged condenser coil that simply needs to be cleaned.

  • Change your thermostat’s batteries. Simply remove the thermostat from the wall, take out the old, weakened batteries, and install a fresh set.

  • Check the AC circuit breaker. Find the electrical panel in your home and check to make sure the AC breaker is on. To be sure, you can flip it off and back on if you’re comfortable doing so.

  • Still no cool air? No worries: Booking is easy. In the meantime, make sure to set your thermostat to OFF and the fan to ON. You can also read our AC emergency FAQ below.

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Why You May Be Better Off Waiting Until We’re Open for Emergency AC Service

Most after-hours AC repair attempts end in failure. However, what starts out as an emergency AC call can quickly become a simple, cost-effective, everyday heating repair once the situation is de-escalated. Even during a complete loss of cooling, we find that most customers, when given this information, choose to wait a day to take advantage of the following benefits.

    Benefit #1: By waiting, you’re actually getting a better AC repair service for less.

    Dispatch fees for after-hours cooling emergencies can be up to $700 just to get a technician to your house. And if that tech isn’t able to fix the problem after all, you’re out of luck until tomorrow!

    Factor in average overtime fees–not to mention the actual cost of the repair service!–and that price can blow up easily into the 4-digit zone. Remember, this is all for the same service that may cost you thousands less if purchased during our normal hours of operation.

    Benefit #2: You’re getting the right AC repairman—not just whoever’s available.

    Like all HVAC companies, we have cooling system repair techs that specialize in specific services (AC repair, AC replacement, AC maintenance, etc). Should you experience an after-hours emergency, it is extremely unlikely that our on-call emergency tech just happens to specialize in your particular HVAC system or heating equipment.

    At sun up on the next business day, rest assured that Team Austin’s full army of air conditioning repair pros will be prepared to help you with any emergency cooling problem you could possibly have to deal with. Getting the right guy for the job is always worth the wait.

    Benefit #3: Save hundreds or thousands instead of wasting your hard-earned money.

    Most cooling systems that break down after-hours require OEM parts and/or manufacturer tech support in order to be repaired. As much as we wish these services were available 24/7 (a company can dream…), they simply aren’t. As a result, most after-hours emergency calls end much the same way as they began: with a hot, humid house. Except now, you’re out a thousand dollars. The moral of the story: Good things come to those who wait (and they usually come quicker than you think).

    24/7 Help for Your Air Conditioner

    Learn more about Team Austin’s after-hours AC repair options.

    How to book an after-hours emergency appointment

    If you need 24/7 emergency AC repair, you can check our availability online, which is constantly being updated. Click here to book a service in real time.

    After-hours appointment availability

    After-hours service appointments are limited. If there aren’t any open slots when you check, then we suggest you book the next available appointment–even if that means waiting 1-2 days.

    Remember: It is virtually always better to wait 12, 24 or even 36 hours for one of our experts to attend to you than to solicit companies who offer no guarantee of success for exorbitant fees.

    After-hour emergency related to a new, warrantied or recently-serviced AC system

    All warranties made by Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air are valid during normal business hours only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

    If there is an issue you believe is under warranty or related to recent work, and it’s not something that can wait for normal business hours, we are happy to come out after-hours (subject to availability). However, please keep in mind that dispatch fees will apply.

    Can Austin reimburse me if I have to go to another company for after-hours repair work?

    If our schedule is full, and you have an issue you believe is under warranty or related to recent work that cannot wait, please go ahead and call another company who can attend to you faster.

    If management determines that the above conditions apply, Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will reimburse you for up to $250 of the after-hours repair cost you were made to pay in our absence.

    To claim your reimbursement, please contact us during business hours and ask for a manager to help you submit your after-hours invoice. It pains us to be busy when you need help–this is our way of easing your burden even when we can’t be there.

    After-hours dispatch fees

    After-hours dispatch fees are charged on every service call dispatched outside our posted business hours, regardless of external factors or circumstances.

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    Team Austin Emergency Contact Information

    Phone hours: M-F 7am-5pm | Sat. 8am-12pm

    Alternatives to Paying for After-Hours AC Service

    When dealing with AC emergencies, clients who wait until the next business day for service tend to be far more satisfied with the service rendered. Not only will this save you money, but it can also cut down on frustration in the meantime. Counterintuitive—but true!

    After containing your cooling emergency, try these alternatives to having an after-hours emergency visit:

      • Lean on family, friends or neighbors. At one point or another, most people have experienced being without cool air, staring down the barrel of an expensive after-hours AC repair, and all the stress that comes with it.

        Once your house is set for temporary cooling, lean on nearby friends and family members for a comfortable place to stay until one of our AC repair gurus shows up to save the day.

      • Use secondary sources of cooling. Portable air conditioners, ceiling fans, box fans and spending time in the basement are all great ways of temporary cooling and can help get you though an AC emergency without having to book after hours service.

      • Go to a hotel, lake, pool, or beach. In Wisconsin, we’re lucky to have an abundance of lakes and beaches that are open to the public. Taking the family to a lake or public pool is great way to cool off and make some great memories in the process.

        The truth is, your AC can wait a day. More importantly, a little unplanned vacation is pretty much guaranteed to cost less than an after-hours ER air conditioner repair visit. You’ll be wearing the red cape for your family at no extra charge.

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