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Austin Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric
Based on 1211 reviews
Joe was very helpful and professional. Nice young man.
Don did a superb job in problem-solving our plumbing issue and helped us start to address something that could have become more serious if he hadn’t spotted it. I always learn something about our system after he comes to service it. Highly recommended!
On 5/13/24 Jay D replaced my leaking front hose bib. He also updated the shut off valve downstairs so it will be much easier turning the water on and off between Spring and Winter for that hose bib. Then he took the time to update quotes for my mechanicals as I never received the prior quotes from the prior plumbing inspection. Based on his professional recommendations, I will be replacing my current water softener and Jay D will also be replacing the piping and/or shut off valve for the stationary tub where the water softener water empties into as both have green sedimentation on them. We discussed a few other projects so Jay D will have some more projects at my home in the coming moths!! Jay D is incredibly meticulous!!!! Love it.On 11/21/23 Vinny did a tune up on my furnace so I’m ready for winter!!He was very informative on which areas of the house each of the thermostats controlled. He also ensured that the inside of the furnace and the filter were clean as I recently had your duct cleaning service.On 11/6/23 Chris A. did a thorough duct cleaning. He kept me informed throughout the process and upon completion showed me all the dust and dirt removed during the cleaning. Condo is now ready for winter and we’ll be breathing clean air.On 6/19/23 Jordan W came to install a check valve on my sump pump as part of the plumbing services. He was professional, informative, did an awesome job and showed me how in the future I can properly test my sump pump.On 6/7/23—Joe S performed my first air conditioning tune up with Austin Plumbing/Polar Express. He was incredibly thorough and explained everything clearly. Joe answered any questions I had with patience and he even took the time to show me how to replace the filter on my furnace. Later he showed me where my two shut off valves were located and how to operate those so I can now water my front yard and backyard and know what to do once winter gets closer to shut off the valves properly. Very professional and knowledgeable. Super excited that Austin Plumbing & Polar Express will be handling my annual services.5/15/23—My technician Chris A was incredibly professional and thorough. He was able to clean out my dryer vent from both outside the home as well as inside the home. Another company had previous cleaned it and returned on a follow up as the dryer kept triggering a “Check Vent” light. When Chris did the service he also accessed the pipe in the basement and cleared the elbow connection as well which the other company did not do on either visit. He kept me informed throughout the process on what he was doing to correct the problem. Before he left he ran the dryer for the full cycle while we discussed other service options available through Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air. The check dryer light did not turn on during the cycle. After Chris left I did (3) loads of laundry and used the dryer with no issues. Even better with his explanation about the Furnace & AC maintenance plans as well as plumbing option I decided to switch my maintenance service to Austin and scheduled a full duct cleaning for my home. Thanks again Chris A !!!

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