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Hard Evidence: Top 4 Indications Your Water Softener Needs Service

Published November 30, 2022
Written by Eric Smith
Hard Evidence: Top 4 Indications Your Water Softener Needs Service

The change has been incremental, so subtle you’re certain you’re only imagining things. “Something is off with my water,” might cross your mind. “I just made this lemonade. Does this taste right to you?” you ask your spouse. Weeks pass, but you can’t shake the feeling. You wonder if you’re overreacting. “Do I even deserve great tasting water?” Of course you do. And here are four hints around your home to confirm your water softener needs a tune-up.

Location #1: Your Kitchen

Your funny tasting lemonade is in fact the symptom you think it is, as it simply doesn’t refresh you like it used to. What was once a tart treat now takes on a muted, dusty flavor. If you take a sip and find yourself inspecting the glass with suspicion, trust your gut and call Austin.

Another kitchen clue involves the rich, sumptuous lather your dish soap is not making lately. You might be compensating by adding more detergent, blaming the factory for such lackluster suds. “They don’t make it like they used to,” you say. More likely however you are attempting to mix perfectly effective soap with newly hard water. Demand better than barely-there bubbles, and call Austin.

Location #2: Your Bathtub

Suddenly you can’t create your weekly bubble bath beard, and it also takes noticeably longer to fill up the tub. Lower pressure at the tap can be caused by hard water, delaying your overdue soak as you shiver nearby in your bath towel. Warm up by calling Austin. 

As you’re reclining in your hot bath at long last, you’ll have some time to examine the surfaces around you. Is the tile, chrome, and glass missing the gleam you’re used to? If water spots plague you, no matter the elbow grease invested in buffing them out, call Austin.

Location #3: In and Around Your Utilities 

If the despair of dull surfaces isn’t enough to convince you, are you able to explain that new rust colored stain circling your sink drains? Crane your neck under that faucet spout and take a gander at the inexplicable crusty ring. This isn’t cake frosting, much as we wish it was. This is a reason to call Austin.

Your laundry equipment is likely taking a beating, too, as hard water corrodes hoses, belts, and gaskets, springing leaks and mysterious malfunctions. The appliance repair folks can only fix your machine so many times before you have to seek a more insidious culprit, a failing water softener. In that event, call Austin.

Location #4: Your body

Perhaps your washing machine is operating normally, but the clothing you pull from it is taking on somewhat of a crunchy texture. You throw on your beloved college football hoodie and find it too itchy to wear, no longer your cozy pride and joy. The rash is so bad you’re boycotting the team. Preserve your most precious pieces by calling Austin. 

Adding insult to injury, what was once red plush terry has quickly faded to a heathered magenta, stripped of its pigment due to harsh, destructive water. Hard water is robbing you of your fashion identity. Either switch to an all-gray wardrobe, or call Austin Plumbing, Heating, & Air to assist with your water softener servicing today.

About The Author: Eric Smith
Eric Smith is a 3rd generation State of Wisconsin Master Plumber, Water Well Pump Installer, Plumbing Contractor, Water Well Contractor, HVAC Contractor and Water Treatment Expert and the owner of Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.