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The Price of Well Pump Replacement: Install Costs & More Considerations

Published October 8, 2023
Written by Eric Smith
The Price of Well Pump Replacement: Install Costs & More Considerations

Straight talk from our Wisconsin Master Tradesman about what it costs to have a replacement well water pump installed.

When a client wakes up one morning to no water throughout their home, it can be a panicky feeling! We’re here to help you through this trying time, and would like to explain the options you have available when you need to replace your well pump. 

Today, the replacement price of a residential well pump can cost $2,500 at the low end and $17,000 at the high end with the typical well pump replacement cost being between $3,500 and $6,000 in Wisconsin.

While we understand that this is a large range, the well systems in Wisconsin vary greatly as do the water requirements of homes in our market. We work on 60′ deep wells and over 600′ deep wells, sometimes in the same neighborhood!  Because of this, the range is $2,500 to $17,000. These costs would include all equipment, material and labor to install a basic well pump all the way to a high capacity deep well installation. For a more concise breakdown on well pump replacement or installation costs, please read on.

What factors determine the true total cost of a replacement well pump?

Well depth, well production and the demand of the plumbing system is the largest factor in the replacement cost of a well pump.

Simply stated, the deeper the well, the more expensive the replacement well pump will be. This is because well depth affects everything from size and capacity of the pump, the amount of materials to install it and the time and equipment needed to complete the replacement installation. 

Whenever possible, Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air provides our clients the exact price of all work before any of the work begins. This is because we believe you should know what you’re getting into so you can make informed choices about how you address plumbing and well problems in your home. Sometimes, when it comes to well systems, some of the factors that determine the cost are unknown and cannot be seen. This is rare and in most cases we are able to quote well pump installation upfront before the work begins. Included in our all inclusive price are the following three categories that are factors in well pump replacement costs.  

The three factors of well pump installation cost

  • Equipment & Materials. The large majority of a well pump replacement cost can be allocated to equipment and materials. This includes the well pump, motor, wire, pipe and other accessories that are required for the installation. A major factor in the well pump itself is the type of pump and the depth of the well. 
  • Installation & Required Modifications. Depending on the age and type of the replacement well pump, there may be modifications to the well, inside or outside plumbing beyond what a typical well pump replacement installation would require. Aside from these modifications, the work it takes to remove the old well pump and assemble and install the replacement well water pump as well as the labor involved can all be allocated to the installation. 
  • Well Pump Accessories & Upgrades. When replacing an existing well pump with a new well pump, many Wisconsin homeowners choose to look into upgrading their well water system for various reasons. Common upgrades include constant pressure well systems, new well pressure tanks, well caps, pressure switches and other well replacement well pump accessories. 

Read on as we dig deeper into these three categories and further break down the cost of a replacement well pump and its installation.

Potential Total Cost of Equipment & Materials: ~$1,200-$12,500

Specific Well Pump Equipment Costs: $700- $8,000

As a service company, we don’t sell products or equipment retail but these products and equipment are included in the selling price of our installed replacement well pumps. Here is an approximation of the equipment cost relating to the well pump replacement and installation.

  • Shallow well pump: $700-$1,400
  • Standard depth submersible well pump: $1,200-$2,000
  • Deep well submersible well pump: $2,000-$8,000
  • Constant pressure well pump system: $3,500-$5,000

Potential Well Pump Installation Materials: ~$1,000-$4,500

The amount of well pump installation materials required is a variable which is determined by the type of well pump and the depth of the well. The deeper the well, the more materials it takes to complete installation. Here are some of the most common well pump installation materials used on a replacement pump. 

  • Drop pipe
  • Pitless adapters
  • Check valve
  • Cable guides 
  • Pump wire
  • Couplings 
  • Torque arrestors 
  • Water sample 

Installation of the Well Pump: ~$2,000-$5,000

A common theme that has a lot to do with the total cost of a replacement well pump is the depth of the well and the total installation, which includes all of the labor, is no different. The deeper the well, the more time and labor it takes to remove and to install the new well pump. The removal and installation of replacement well pump requires a large amount of labor and typically two plumbers, as well as speciality equipment. 

A typical well pump replacement installed by Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air includes: 

  • Removal of the well pump, pipe and wire from the well
  • Floor protection materials (drop cloths or other methods)
  • Haulaway and disposal of old pump, pipe and wire
  • New well pipe
  • New electrical wiring 
  • New check valve 
  • Connection to the existing well lateral 
  • Client training and install review
  • Post installation follow up and paperwork 
  • Well water sampling & testing 

Potential Cost of Well Pump Accessories: $100-$2,000

A complete well pump replacement may involve work not only outside at the well head but also the installation of accessories or required modifications. Here are some common well pump replacement accessories or required upgrades that we perform.  

Most Commonly Required Accessories for Well Pump Installation

  • Well Cap– As a licensed well pump contractor, we are required to bring your well cap up to code if we have to work on or in the well. If you have an old well system with a non vermin proof well cap, a new code approved vermin proof well cap may need to be installed. 
  • Well Pump Controls- There are various components that control how and when a water well pump runs ranging from a pressure switch to the control box that runs a typical 3-wire well pump. Depending on the age of these controls, you may want to upgrade them when the replacement pump is installed. 
  • Well Tanks- A well tank works hand-in-hand with the well pump and the controls that turn the well pump on, which is why oftentimes if your well pump has failed, it makes sense to consider upgrading the pump and well tank at the same time.
  • Constant Pressure- The most common upgrade that our clients make is converting their old 40-60 well system to a constant pressure well pump. There are various reasons people commonly choose this upgrade. For a complete read on the subject, check out this Master Tradesman’s Guide to Constant Pressure Well Systems.
  • Well Chlorination- Part of a well pump installation is sending a water sample off to a state certified lab for testing. Should that water sample come back unsafe to drink, you will need to have your well chlorinated in order to get your water to a safe level. For more on water testing visit this article.

Why choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air for your replacement well pump installation?

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air has been serving Wisconsin water well owners for over 80 years and can help you when the time comes to have a replacement well pump installed. Whether you have a standard well pump or a high capacity speciality well system, you can trust the well wizards at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air. Call 262-367-3808 today.

About The Author: Eric Smith
Eric Smith is a 3rd generation State of Wisconsin Master Plumber, Water Well Pump Installer, Plumbing Contractor, Water Well Contractor, HVAC Contractor and Water Treatment Expert and the owner of Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.