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Well Pumps Need Love, Too!

Published August 17, 2022
Written by Eric Smith
Well Pumps Need Love, Too!

During the dry months of summer, you’ll probably see a lot of sprinklers running in full force in a desperate attempt to keep lawns green and lush for the few months that we get to enjoy them. 

What you don’t see is a well and well pump hard at work. If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t thought much about your well, well pump or pressure tank since it was installed. Much less it’s care and maintenance. Most of us only start paying attention when something starts to go wrong. Oftentimes a homeowner has been living with a poorly functioning well pump for so long, they don’t realize their well has been sending signals that it needs some TLC for quite some time. Here are a few warning signs that your well, well pump, or pressure tank may need service:

short cycling

Short Cycling

Short cycling of a pressure tank is when the  pump and pressure tank continuously cycles on and off. A leak in the home, well piping or underground lateral can sometimes cause this as well as an imbalance of air charge in your pressure tank. This short cycling is very hard on the pump and will lead to pump failure if not addressed.  

water pressure

Poor Water Pressure

If you are experiencing no water from the well, very little water pressure or reduced water flow, your well pump and pressure tank system may need service. Several things could be the cause of your poor pressure such as a failing well pump or stuck check valve in the well pump piping. There are also some plumbing system related causes such as a closed valve or pipes that are partially clogged with iron. In severe iron situations, iron can clog the pipes leading to the pressure switch completely causing the pressure switch to sense pressure incorrectly. 

noisey well pump

Noisy Pump

When a well pump is making more noise than usual it is a sign that you your well pump needs some maintenance. Well pumps can be loud from wear and tear, cavitation, debris in the system, worn impellers, failed check valves and poor installations.

high electric bill

High Electric Bill

Many of the above symptoms cause the pump to work much harder than it should which leads to a much higher electrical consumption. If you notice a spike in your energy bill and can’t quite put a finger on the cause it could be an issue with your well pump.

air spitting from faucet

Air in the Pipes

If you notice air spitting from your faucet constantly or intermittently this can be a big warning sign that there are troubles lurking in your well. This air could be introduced from holes in the well piping or be a sign of a poor producing well.

water quality

Water Quality

If you notice a sudden change in water quality, such as its smell, taste or color this can indicate that something has changed in your well. Sand, silt, iron and other water quality indicators can be hard on a well pump and should be addressed as soon as noticed. 

Most plumbing companies don’t provide service to well pumps, wells and septic. That’s a specialty service they typically leave to the well pump companies. And the well pump companies rarely assist with any typical plumbing services.

But at Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air, we’re well-rounded plumbers and we do it all! We can do all things plumbing from unclog drains, install faucets, and fix water heaters, and our certified and trained technicians can also provide service and maintenance to your well, well pumps and pressure tanks. Don’t wait for a small issue to become a big problem. Contact us today to schedule your annual well pump maintenance!

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About The Author: Eric Smith
Eric Smith is a 3rd generation State of Wisconsin Master Plumber, Water Well Pump Installer, Plumbing Contractor, Water Well Contractor, HVAC Contractor and Water Treatment Expert and the owner of Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.