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Electrical Repair

Southeastern Wisconsin’s Most Reliable Electrical Repair Company

Team Austin’s bright electricians handle everything under the sun–including panel upgrades, lighting repairs, new fixture installations, whole-home rewiring & surge protection, and on…and on!

When should you call Team Austin for electrical repairs?

When you need help with…

  • Replacing/installing new light fixtures, including ceiling fans, canned lighting, dimmers and more (we love helping customers remodel!)

  • Fixing lights that flicker and dim (undesired), especially when using other appliances.

  • Panels that overheat, appear damaged, or produce burning smells (dangerous): immediately stop using the problem outlet and call for repair ASAP!

  • Receptacles (electrical outlets) that shock you or create visible sparks when you try to plug or unplug devices/power cords.

  • Outlets that have totally lost power (plugged-in devices don’t charge or won’t even turn on) and outlets too loose to hold onto plugs.

  • A circuit breaker that keeps tripping (possibly due to a short-circuiting three-way switch, but not always). If you’re not sure of the source of the problem, don’t worry–we will find it!

  • Doorbells that don’t ring anymore.

  • Failed AFCI or GFCI outlets.

  • …and a thousand more electrical services we offer. We couldn’t possibly list them all here!

When you want a company who…

  • Has been around for over 80 years, with an experienced electrical division 25 years in the making. (Read more about our happy merger here!)

  • Explains your options instead of trying to sell you the most expensive solution.

  • Completes most electrical repair services the day you call. (It’s all thanks to our warehouse-on-wheels style of operating.)

  • Provides upfront pricing estimates in writing. You’ll never be confused about what you’re paying for. 🙂

  • Is legally permitted to provide residential electrical services to homeowners in Wisconsin. We’re a team of licensed independent contractors and certified electricians who keep up our chops with constant training–because we can’t stand to let anyone outdo us in customer service!

  • Shows up on-time to appointments and treats your home with respect! The only sign we were ever there: your brilliant new lighting or perfectly-functioning electrical systems.

Austin Tech shaking hands with a customer

Ready to schedule an electrical repair service?

Psst! Attempting to do your own electrical troubleshooting?

Tons of free how-to information—including electrical appliance & light fixture troubleshooting guides—are available on the Team Austin Blog. We wrote them to help Wisconsin homeowners just like you!

Click here to read to your heart’s content.

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