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EV Chargers

EV Chargers Installed by the Most Skilled Hands in Wisconsin

Electric vehicle charging stations aren’t easy to find in the wild! So do your future self a favor: invest in a powerful home EV charger you can always count on to take you the extra mile.

Your electric car is not a cell phone–so don’t charge it like one.

Benefits of buying a real EV charger:

  • Major cost savings. As an electric car owner, you’re no longer at the mercy of fluctuating gas prices—so why depend on expensive public charging stations?

  • Relying on the 120V OEM port that came with your vehicle isn’t an adequate solution, either—unless you want to wait roughly 1 hour of charging for every 4 miles of range you need to drive! That brings us to…

  • Time savings. Local public charging stations are few and far-between, not to mention they’re frequently occupied. With your own 240V charger installed at your home, you can conveniently charge your car to full power each night while you sleep.

  • Did we mention we can personalize your EVC station so that it’s tailored to your particular car and lifestyle?

  • Installing an electric vehicle charging point may increase the value of your home.

With Team Austin, you’re choosing a company who…

  • Has been around for over 80 years, with an experienced electrical division 25 years in the making. (Read more about our happy merger here!)

  • Explains your options instead of trying to sell you the most expensive solution.

  • Is equipped to install your brand-new EVC station within one visit. (It’s all thanks to our warehouse-on-wheels style of operating.)

  • Provides upfront pricing estimates in writing. You’ll never be confused about what you’re paying for. 🙂

  • Is legally permitted to install electrical vehicle chargers for Wisconsin homeowners. We’re a team of licensed certified electricians who keep up our chops with constant training–because we can’t stand to let anyone outdo us in customer service!

  • Shows up on-time to appointments and treats your home with respect! The only sign we were ever there: you’ll never again have to worry about your electric vehicle’s battery life or whether it’ll make it through the day. Enjoy!

Installing a Residential EV Charger

Ready to have your electric vehicle charger installed?

Psst! Have questions about at-home electric vehicle charging stations?

Tons of free information on EV chargers—and the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) required for some installs—are available on the Team Austin Blog. We wrote them to help Wisconsin homeowners just like you!

Click here to read to your heart’s content.

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