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Emergency Grinder Pump Service & Repair

Grinder pump alarming? Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air can help.

Grinder & sewage pump problems make for some of the most stressful household emergencies. Team Austin can make it as though your sewage backup disaster was just a bad dream.

Grinder Pump Emergencies Get Fixed When You Call on Team Austin

  • Emergency Grinder Pump Repair

  • Emergency Sewage Pump Repair

  • ER Repairs for Backed-Up Sewage Grinders

Ready To Book a Grinder Pump Emergency Service?

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Sewage Pump Need an ER Visit? We’re on it.


PHONE: 262-367-3808

We’re available by phone during the following hours:

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 7:00am to 5:00 pm

SATURDAY: 8:00am to 12:00pm

SUNDAY: Book online.

For after-hours grinder pump emergencies, follow the steps below.

Our 24/7 Grinder Pump Emergency First-Aid Kit

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to getting your sewage grinder back in action–and you might even be able to avoid emergency grinder pump service!

Instructions for WHOLE-HOME Grinder Pumps

Follow these if your whole house uses a grinder or sewage pump.
  1. Stop using water: If your sewage pump or grinder pump is broken, or if the alarm is going off (even if you’re not sure what’s wrong), stop using water immediately to avoid a sewage backup.

  2. Silence the alarm: If your grinder pump or sewage pump has an indoor or outdoor alarm, look on the side or bottom of the alarm until you find either a toggle switch or a button. Flip the switch or press the button to silence the audible alarm.

  3. Unplug your water softener and/or iron filter: This will prevent the iron filter or water softener from regenerating while you handle your grinder pump emergency. Don’t forget to plug them both back in once the situation is resolved.

  4. Check the circuit breaker: From the circuit breaker, cycle the grinder pump off and then back on.

  5. Listen for the grinder to come back on. If your grinder pump is located outside, look for a white PVC vent pipe. You should be able to hear the pump running via this pipe.


Follow these if your basement alone is on a grinder or sewage pump.

In Wisconsin, most homes with septic systems also utilize a sewage pump to handle the waste water from laundry sinks, floor drains, and basement bathrooms. If that’s you, go ahead and follow the steps below.

  1. Discontinue all water use in the basement. Put a pause on any laundry or other source of running water for now.

  2. Unplug your water softener.

  3. Unplug your Iron Curtain system or iron filter.

  4. Unplug the sewage pump from the wall.

  5. Leave it alone for at least 30 seconds.

  6. Plug the basement sewage pump back into the wall.

  7. If the sewage pump does not engage even after being reset, click here to book an emergency sewage pump service. (Fortunately, if this pump only serves your basement, that means you will still have full use of your first- and second-floor plumbing system while you wait.)

Grinder Pump Emergencies FAQ

While you wait for service, get answers to your most pressing questions about sewage & grinder pumps:

Can you run water when your sewage grinder is out?

You may use water sparingly while your grinder pump is out. Do not flush toilets, take showers, wash any laundry, or do anything else that would empty too much water into the drain system as long as your sewage grinder is down.

How do I turn off the grinder pump alarm?

Almost all sewage grinder alarms have a button on them that will silence the alarm. Look for the silence button or toggle switch to shut off the alarm. If you can’t find it on the back face of the alarm, carefully check the sides.

If necessary, you may also turn the power off to the alarm from the circuit breaker box.

Will the sump crock overflow if my sump pump is dead?

Probably not. However, it’s more likely that the drain tile will fill up with water. You should also keep an eye on the stone area under the basement flooring.

Can grinder pumps be replaced after hours?

Due to limited manpower and daylight, grinder pumps usually cannot be replaced outside of regular business hours. If you do solicit an after-hours appointment, you will be charged an emergency dispatch fee, but we cannot guarantee your situation will be resolved during the visit.

If your grinder pump alarm is going off, your best immediate option is to reduce water use as much as possible while you wait for next-day service. Waiting a night can be frustrating, but we promise it is worthwhile.

Can the water from my furnace make things worse for my sewage grinder?

The water your furnace produces shouldn’t cause any serious back up, unless for some reason you don’t get your grinder pump or sewage pump repaired for several days.

As long as you schedule a service with us for our nearest availability, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a day–and you are free to use your furnace in the meantime. 🙂

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Why You May Be Better Off Waiting Until We’re Open for Grinder Pump Help

The fact is that very few emergency grinder pump or sewage pump problems can be fully repaired outside of normal business hours. Let’s look at the bright side of this less-than-favorable situation:

  • You’ll save significantly on costs just by waiting until the start of the next business day for service. Emergency grinder/sewage pump service is much more expensive than the same service costs during regular business hours. We’re talking a difference of thousands of dollars’ worth.

  • Get the right pump for the application: Grinder pumps and sewage pumps are a specialized part of the plumbing system; they need to be sized and spec’d properly for the application. To ensure your grinder pump gets replaced with the correct unit, go ahead and book a grinder pump replacement to take place during normal business hours.

  • There are some things you can do to help the situation right now. While your sewage grinder is out of order, scroll down to see some ideas of how you can make things more comfortable for you and your family in the meantime.

Out of luck on a Sunday night? Try these alternatives to booking after-hours grinder pump service:

How do you live in a house without a working sewer system? Well, the obvious answer is you don’t (at least, not for too long).

In the meantime, here is how most of our clients cope with staying at home while their grinder pump or sewage pump is temporarily out of order:

    • Lean on friends, family or neighbors.

      Most people are familiar with emergencies of this nature from having been in an ER plumbing situation of their own at some point. More often than not, you can find someone more than willing to extend the use of their bathroom to you for a night, as long as you explain the situation.

    • Make use of your gym membership.

      If you belong to a gym or a health club, take advantage of their facilities. You don’t have to work out tonight in order to use the shower or restroom! (We won’t tell anyone–and hey, you’re already paying for it anyway!)

    • Stay at a hotel.

      If you are unable to stay in the home while you’re waiting for emergency grinder pump repairs, you can always head to a hotel for the night or over the weekend. You can bet that the cost of a couple nights’ stay won’t come close to the price of an after-hours sewage pump service appointment.

    • When all else fails, think of it like camping.

      Although your situation is certainly not ideal, it’s important to put it in perspective to reduce stress and keep from spending money you don’t have to. Keep in mind that a grinder pump outage rarely lasts more than 24 hours, if even that long. You only have to make it one night without plumbing in the home, and most of our customers say they’re glad they did instead of paying emergency dispatch fees.

    24/7 Service: When a Grinder Pump Replacement Just Can’t Wait

    Team Austin offers after-hours services for sewage backup emergencies and grinder pump emergencies. Read on to learn more:

    After-hours appointment availability

    After-hours service appointments are limited. If there aren’t any open slots when you check, then we suggest you book the next available appointment–even if that means waiting 1-2 days.

    Remember: It is virtually always better to wait 12, 24 or even 36 hours for one of our experts to attend to you than to solicit companies who offer no guarantee of success for exorbitant fees.

    After-hours dispatch fees

    After-hours dispatch fees are charged on every service call dispatched outside our posted business hours, regardless of external factors or circumstances.

    After-hours emergencies related to new, warrantied, or recently-serviced grinder pumps

    All warranties made by Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air are valid during normal business hours only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

    If there is an issue you believe is under warranty or related to recent work of ours, and it’s not something that can wait for normal business hours, we are happy to come out after-hours (subject to availability). However, please keep in mind that dispatch fees will apply and an immediate solution is not guaranteed.

    If our schedule is full, and you have an issue you believe is under warranty or related to recent work we did that cannot wait, please go ahead and call another company who can attend to you faster.

    If management determines that the above conditions apply, Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will reimburse you for up to $250 of the after-hours repair cost you were made to pay in our absence.

    To claim your reimbursement, please contact us during business hours and ask for a manager to help you submit your after-hours invoice. It pains us to be busy when you need help–this is our way of easing your burden even when we can’t be there.


    How to book an after-hours emergency appointment

    We can only answer our phones during our normal business hours. If you do call our phone number after hours, you will be greeted with an automated message directing you to book a service online, which you can do at any time, day or night, seven days a week.

    Ready to book emergency grinder pump repair?

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    • Full Transparency With Pricing: You get an upfront quote with our bottom-line estimate before the work begins.
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