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Air Conditioning Replacement & New AC Installation Service

Southeast Wisconsin’s #1 AC Replacement Experts

Is your old AC no longer worthy of being called an air conditioner? Get it removed safely—along with the bad memories—and professionally replaced with a brand-new cooling system, built to last and sized just right for your home.

Cool Benefits of Choosing Team Austin

Sized to fit. Built to last. Made for you.

No Salesmen, No Pressure

We don’t employ any salespeople, which means no high-pressure sales tactics—period. The techs who work on your existing AC system are the exact same people who will consult with you about installing a new one.

We’re Proven – No Guesswork

HVAC companies pop up and disappear all the time in this market, but not ours. Our team has been serving the needs of Waukesha and Washington Counties for over 80 years. That kind of longevity (not to mention thousands of 5-star Google Reviews) can only come from doing the right thing for three generations.

    Stress-Free Financing Options

    The least talked-about-part of designing a cooling system around each individual client’s wants, needs, home and budget? The ability to finance that AC system in a way that’s feasible for the homeowner.

    We’re Really Local

    All of our team members live and work in the greater Southeast Wisconsin area, without exception. Plus, we have locations in Hartland, Germantown, and now our newly opened Milwaukee storefront, so we can truly call ourselves the #1 AC installer near you.

    Industry-Leading Warranties & Guarantees

    We don’t cut corners, which means we can stand proudly behind our work. And since our reputation’s on the line, our standards exceed even the industry standard in most cases. For us, best practice during an installation means going above and beyond the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Austin Plumbing Heating & Air

    Three Easy Steps to Comfort

    1. Book an initial visit.

    One of our AC techs will stop by within 24-48 hours to evaluate your current cooling system, explain your new AC options fully, and provide an accurate price estimate.

    2. Installation Day.

    The most important day in your new air conditioner’s life is the day it’s installed. We show up prepared to complete the job within one day—treating your home like a castle the entire time.

    3. Happily Ever After.

    While our office team gets your new equipment logged in our systems & registered with the manufacturer, we’ll also assist with getting you any applicable rebates/energy credits. Payment isn’t collected until you’re satisfied that the job is done!

    How do you know when it’s time to start fresh?

    1) It seems like there’s always something to fix.

    Repairs no longer seem to last, no matter how much money you spend. Or as soon as one thing gets fixed, something else falls apart. You feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole with your air conditioner, and you’re running out of tokens—and patience.

    2) Time’s no longer on your AC’s side.

    The useful lifespan of an air conditioner, regardless of what kind you have, is generally about 12 to 15 years. (Regular maintenance can have a positive impact, but a lifetime of neglect can’t really be reversed.) After year 14, a total AC replacement is almost always the logical next step.

    3) You’ve fallen into the sunk-cost fallacy.

    Let’s say you’ve already invested so much into AC repairs that the thought of AC replacement makes you cringe. Cut your losses! As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking at spending $1,000 or more on potential repairs, it’s time to break up. We’re professional AC matchmakers; we can guarantee the next one will treat you better. 😉

    4) Your AC just can’t beat the heat these days.

    It’s reliably unreliable. Every day, by midday, you’re reminded that you can’t count on your air conditioner to do its job. In fact, when you contemplate a life without central air conditioning, it doesn’t seem much different from the one you are already living.

    5) Utility bills just keep climbing.

    Even the summer temperatures can’t keep up with your skyrocketing energy costs, because your AC system is simply not capable of functioning on a 2,000-calorie diet. You’re pretty sure you’ve spent enough on electricity in the last week to power a stadium, and you’re still sweating like you’re in NFL uniform. You get the drift.

    Psst! Attempting to do your own A/C troubleshooting?

    Tons of free how-to information—including home AC maintenance guides—are available on the Team Austin Blog. We wrote them to help Wisconsin homeowners just like you!

    Click here to read to your heart’s content.