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Air Conditioning Repair

Expert Service for Every AC System—No Exceptions

Every air conditioner brand on the market is within our expertise. You name it, we can fix it—in just one visit! Our AC repairmen are standing by all over SE Wisconsin with service trucks stocked & ready to rock, so book now to see what real AC service looks like.

The Way AC Service Was Meant to Be

We’ve seen it all: Every AC problem under the sun. Every air conditioner on the market. And a thousand reasons to choose us as your AC repair experts.

Choose same-day AC repairs.

Being without cooling is more than a minor inconvenience. For some—especially during the peak of summer—it’s a serious health risk. Austin gets it. Even at our busiest, most “no cool” calls are handled within one business day.

    We keep in touch with you.

    Once you book a repair, our office will communicate with you about it every step of the way. The day before your appointment, you’ll receive a reminder via call or text message. If anything should change, you’ll be alerted with live updates to our schedule.

    Thorough diagnostics means guaranteed repairs.

    We will perform a top-to-bottom evaluation of your AC system to determine what caused the breakdown and what it’ll take to get it cooling again. And since all of Team Austin’s repairs are backed by our Workmanship & Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be confident the results will last!

    Get transparent, upfront pricing.

    You deserve to know how much a repair job will cost before it happens. That’s why no work will begin until our techs have provided you with a list of repair options and price estimates in writing—so you can choose the solution that suits you, your home, and your budget.

    We’re tradesmen, not salesmen.

    We look at ourselves as an AC rescue service. If an air conditioner can be saved, we’ll do everything we can to save it. Rest assured that we’ll only recommend a total replacement in circumstances where it’s absolutely necessary.

    Our repairmen are true experts.

    Even in a state with more than 50 brands of residential air conditioners on the market, chances are: yes, we have seen it, and yes, we can service it!

    Broken AC? Can’t wait for service? We’re on it.

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    AC Repair FAQs

    Because comfort starts with peace of mind.

    1. Does AC repair make sense for me? (What if I need a new AC?)

    Don’t sweat the small stuff. Repair vs. replacement is a choice we’re happy to help you make, based on factors like the age of your current AC unit and the total cost of repairs you’re looking at. Rest assured we are committed to doing the right thing for you, your family, and your finances.

    2. Can you work on my old R22 air conditioner?

    We sure can! Although R22 refrigerant is considered “obsolete”, Team Austin stays proudly stocked with the oldies-but-goodies to keep your R22 AC system running for as long as you want to keep it around.

    3. My AC is under warranty. Can you still fix it?

    Yes. Regardless of an air conditioner’s warranty status, we can fix it. However, we cannot honor other companies’ warranties. To have your repairs covered by warranty on an AC unit that isn’t ours, your best step forward is to contact the original installer.

    Psst! Trying to troubleshoot or fix your own AC?

    Tons of free how-to information—including home AC maintenance guides—are available on the Team Austin Blog. We wrote them to help Wisconsin homeowners just like you!

    Click here to read to your heart’s content.