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Common Signs Your Boiler System Is In Need Of Repair

Listed below are 7 common signs for you to keep a look out for.

Strange Noises From Your Boiler
In-Floor Heat With Cold Floors
Burning Or Hot Smell From Boiler
Boiler Is Leaking Water
Air In Boiler Pipes, Baseboards And Radiators

Knocking and banging in radiators and boiler pipes can mean you have excess air in the system. If the air continues to build, your boiler can have larger issues. Call for service if you suspect air in your boiler pipes.

Boiler Pump Is Not Running

Most hydronic heating systems rely on pumps and valves to move water around your home. If your boiler pumps are not running, this is a cause for no heat and will require repair troubleshooting.

Leaking Boiler Pipes And Valves

Ready To Start Repairing Your Boiler Heating System?

boiler and heating with pipes

Emergency Boiler Repairs – Most fixed same day

Being without heat in Wisconsin for more than 24 hours can cause busted pipes and other problems. We respond to no heat calls on boilers fast.

Getting Your Boiler Repaired Is Easy With Austin

Our Warehouse On Wheels are stocked with hundreds of the most common boiler parts, accessories and tools so we can resolve many of these common boiler problems on the first trip.

    • No heat from boiler
    • Zone valve repairs and replacements
    • Leaking boiler valve
    • In-floor heat not working
    • Boiler pump repair & replacement
    • Boiler thermostat repair & replacements
    • Air in boiler pipes
    • Boiler pipe leak repairs
    • No hot water with a boiler system
    • Boiler system controls

What To Expect When You Choose Austin Plumbing & Heating For Your Boiler Repair

Same or Next Day Boiler Repair

When your boiler is out and you have no heat in Wisconsin, you can rely on Austin Heating, Air & Boilers for responsive boiler repairs. We have almost all no heat situations on a boiler system resolved within hours of placing a call to us. 

Communication is a core valve at Austin

Our team will communicate with you throughout your boiler service call. From the initial call to our office, to a notification when we are on the way. You can count on us for clear and upfront communication during your boiler repair.

Prepared to Fix Your Boiler in One Trip

We drive big trucks called <warehouses on wheels> stocked with all of the most common boiler and hydronic heating accessories. This means one trip boiler repairs are a normal thing for us. 

Thorough Boiler Diagnostics

Boiler systems are complex and require advanced troubleshooting and knowledge. We will take our time with your boiler system so we know we get the hydronic system repaired right the first time.

Up Front Boiler Repair Pricing

Want to know how much it will cost to repair your boiler? Of course you do! This is exactly why, once we pinpoint the heating system problem, we will provide you with all of the available repair options and the cost of the repair upfront and in writing before any of the work begins. This way you can choose the right boiler repair for you, your home, and your budget!

Guaranteed Boiler Repairs

With our workmanship guarantee, you are insured that the boiler repair we make is going to hold up. We don’t cut corners with craftsmanship or materials. We do the job right because that is the Austin way. Learn more about why we do things the way we do

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Types Of Boilers We Commonly Service

Conventional Floor Set Boilers

These are also known as standard boilers. A standard boiler consists of a heat exchanger and burners.  The heat exchanger in a conventional boiler will likely be made of cast iron and will typically vent into a chimney with metal vent piping. Although a conventional gas boiler isn’t very efficient (80% at best), it does offer the advantages of simplicity and longevity of service life.

High Efficiency Wall Mounted Boilers 

High efficiency boilers typically operate at over 95% efficiency, giving them a large advantage over the traditional boiler system. They have much smaller heat exchangers, typically made of stainless steel or aluminum. In addition, a high efficiency boiler is much smaller and lighter than other boilers and can often be hung on the wall and vented with PVC pipe outside. These technologically advanced boilers allow for many piping, heating, and domestic hot water applications, which require many more controls.

If it’s a boiler or connected to a boiler, the chances are great that we have seen it before and can handle repairing it. 

Common Boiler Brands Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air Use When They Repair

  • Lochinvar boilers
  • Weil-McLain boilers 
  • Williamson boilers 
  • Laars Boiler 
  • Brandford White boilers
  • Burnham boilers
  • US Boiler Company 
  • Crown Boiler 
  • Munchkin Boilers
  • Triangle Tube Boilers 
  • Grundfos boiler pumps, valves and controls 
  • Taco boiler pumps, zone valves and controls

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