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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Professional Boiler Replacements

Boilers and hydronic heating systems are as much of an art as they are a craft. Combining complex controls, high efficiency equipment and plumbing, boiler systems are well over most HVAC company’s capabilities.

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Replacement Boiler Installation – Built To Last Boiler Replacements, The Austin Way

We have perfected the process for assisting clients in the design and installation of replacement hydronic heating boilers.

1. Is A New Boiler The Right Choice For You And Your Home?

The decision to invest in a new boiler for your hydronic heating system or in-floor heat needs to make sense to you. We will evaluate your current system, give you the straight answer and help you make the right decision for you and your budget.

2. Custom Design Your New Boiler System

During the replacement boiler design process, we may have multiple options for you to choose from: high efficiency vs. standard efficiency or other piping system options. We will provide you all of your options and help you decide which option gets your needs met on your budget. 

Keep in mind that to assist you with the investment in a new boiler or in-floor heating system, we have financing available

3. Choose The Boiler System That Meets Your Needs, Wants And Budget!

During the replacement boiler design process, we may have multiple options for you to choose from: high efficiency vs. standard efficiency or other piping system options. We will provide you all of your options and help you decide which option gets your needs met on your budget. 

Keep in mind that to assist you with the investment in a new boiler or in-floor heating system, we have financing available.

4. Booking The Boiler Installation

After you choose the replacement option that is best for you, we will get the boiler installation booked and start to pull together the equipment, materials, and parts for the hydronic replacement job. Once all of the required install equipment is fulfilled, we will get it staged for the day of the installation.

5. New Boiler Installation Day

The most important day in your new boiler’s life is the day that it is installed.When your boiler is installed by a boiler guru, you’re in the best hands available. Our install team typically arrives between 8:00 and 8:30 AM in a boiler install <warehouse on wheels> with all of the equipment and the tools necessary to install your new boiler. 

We will ensure your home is protected by putting down drop cloths and taking other precautions.

A like-for-like boiler replacement is finished the same day it is started. That said, it’s a long day! However, most boiler replacements take a crew multiple days to complete, with the average being two days.

We will ensure protection of your home by putting down drop cloths and taking other precautions to make sure your home is protected.

Most air conditioner installations are finished the same day, typically ending between 3 and 5 PM. Your installation team will then clean up their work area and make sure you know how to operate your new system.

6. Service That Goes Beyond The Boiler Install

Before heading out for the day, and only after you are completely satisfied with the installation, we will finish any on job site paperwork and collect final payment for the AC installation job.

Back at the office, our team will make sure your new equipment is logged in our system, registered with the manufacturer (if required) and will assist with any rebate or energy credit paperwork as needed.

Ready To book Expert Boiler Replacement Service?

man fixing part of a boiler

Signs It May Be Time To Replace Or Upgrade Your Boiler

  • Your old boiler is unreliable and is failing often 
  • Boiler is leaking  
  • Existing boiler can’t keep up with the thermostat
  • System is not performing as you would like
  • Boiler system repairs that are more than $750

Boiler Replacement & Installation- Additional Things To Consider When You’re Planning Your Upgrade

  • Get the proper size boiler for your home

    A lot has changed over the years in boiler sizing and design. Be sure your new boiler is properly sized based on modern standards. This way you’re getting a boiler system that can deliver the best efficiency and the longest life.

  • Hire the right company

    There are a lot of heating & air companies that “do boilers”, which is why Austin Heating, Air & Boilers fix a lot of botched boilers. Boiler replacement is sadly a botched art. Since honoring traditions is one of Austin’s Core Values, the art of boiler replacement and craftsmanship lives on at Austin.

  • How long will you live in the home?

    If you’re considering a major upgrade to your boiler system, the length of time you plan to enjoy it should be considered. In your forever home? Then pull the trigger on that optimum boiler install! But if your horizon is shorter, maybe you choose that mid range option. Either way, Austin is there for you.

  • Permits & upgrades

    How do you know your boiler replacement was done right? You don’t until an inspector gives it the stamp of approval. This is why at Austin, we always pull permits on boiler replacements.

New Steam heat furnace fueled with natural gas.


The cost of having a new boiler installed will depend greatly on the following five things:

  1. Efficiency of equipment 
  2. Size of the home and boiler system
  3. Required plumbing system modifications to install the boiler into the old system
  4. Required system control modifications to install the new boiler equipment into the existing boiler piping system
  5. Electrical upgrades

Range in cost

Budget Minded, standard efficiency boiler replacements with like-for-like installs

Cost: $5,000 and $10,000

Modern high efficiency system with all of the system modifications

Cost: $15,000 and $30,000

Have a boiler guru out from Austin Heating, Air & Boilers for an upfront and to the penny estimate on a replacement boiler system. 

Why Choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air To Install Your Replacement Hydronic System?

New school technology meets old school craftsman

We can geek out on efficiency and controls with the best of them. What the rest of them can’t do is stand toe-to-toe with the 80-year tradition of master tradesmen that are at the core of Team Austin.

Small enough to care, big enough to get the job done

Boiler system replacements require an army of tradesmen to get the job done right. At Austin, we’re not a one man band with a helper operation. We’re a thriving organization with people and resources to get your boiler install done quickly. Plus, you know we will be around tomorrow to take care of your system. 

Installed to specs and double checked

 We believe in having other master tradesmen check our install work, which is why we take so many photos. Every boiler we install is not only approved by the master tradesman who installed it, but also by another team member at Austin. 

Industry leading warranties & guarantees

We don’t cut corners, which means we can stand proudly behind our boiler installation work for many years after the install.

Locally owned, deep roots in the community

With locations in Hartland and Germantown, WI, we’re the boiler installer near you that you are looking for. Not only that, but it’s important to us that our team members live and work in the communities that we serve. You’re doing business with a trusted local company that has been around for 80 years.

Boiler install services that are proven so that there is no guesswork

Companies claiming to be “boiler specialists” pop up and vanish frequently in Wisconsin. Our team has been serving the boiler needs of Waukesha and Washington Counties for over 80 years. This kind of history is the result of doing the right thing for nearly a century. When you don’t want guesswork, pick Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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