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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps: Extreme Efficiency, Extreme Comfort and the Future of Heating Wisconsin

Heat pump installation, repairs and maintenance may be new to Wisconsin, but not to Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air. We have been installing, servicing and repairing heat pumps for decades. Take a look at the heat pump services we offer.

Wisconsin’s Best In Class For:

  • Ductless Heat Pump System Installation

    Ductless heat pumps are a great way to get high efficient heating and air conditioning to one or many areas in your home. Sometimes referred to as mini split heat pumps, ductless heat pumps are a great solution to provide supplementary heating and air conditioning to your home.

  • Side Discharge Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

    A true whole home heat pump solution built for Wisconsin homes. A dual fuel heat pump works in harmony with a gas furnace to blend the ideal balance of both comfort and efficiency. If you have ductwork in your home and are looking to decarbonize, a dual fuel heat pump is a great option.

  • Heat Pump Repair

    Heat pumps, like all HVAC systems, will eventually require some repairs. If you have an existing heat pump, regardless of if it is a ductless heat pump or a whole home ducted heat pump, trust the team at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air for your heat pump service and repairs.

  • Heat Pump Maintenance

    To get the most out of a heat pump in Wisconsin, annual routine maintenance will need to be completed. Turn to the team at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air for all of your heat pump needs. 

The quest to electrify the nation has begun and a major step to decarbonizing in the USA involves your home’s heating and cooling system. Heat pumps are the future of home heating in Wisconsin and Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is at the forefront and early adopters of installing heat pump heating and air conditioning in Wisconsin homes.

Ready To Book The Hottest Heat Pump Service Wisconsin Has To Offer??

New side discharge heat pump installed by Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air

What to expect

  • No salespeople- Wondering if a heat pump is a good idea for your Wisconsin home? You’ll get that answer straight from a technician.
  • 5-Star Heat Pump Service- We have 100’s of genuine reviews, which means when you choose us as your heat pump installer near you, you’re guaranteed a 5-star heat pump installation experience.
  • Trusted & Proven for 80+ Years- The transition to heating your home with a heat pump is a much needed step to decarbonization and embracing the heating systems of the future. Team Austin is on the forefront of the heat pump wave today and here to support you tomorrow.
  • Decarbonize for pennies per day- Doing your part to reduce your emissions and providing safety and comfort for your family can be a substantial upfront investment. Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air provides financing and knows how to get you rebates to make heating your home with a heat pump easily affordable.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

The great news is that the cost of installing an extremely efficient heat pump isn’t much more than a regular old air conditioner if you have a standard ducted HVAC system. That said, if you are talking about ductless heat pumps, then there could be a significant investment. To get the most out of a high efficiency heat pump, it will need to be paired with a new air handler or furnace, which may make the initial investment look like more than what it is.

Duel Fuel Ready Furnace

$6,000 – $8,000

If you have a newer furnace that is set up to run a heat pump and dual fuel heating system, and only need the heat pump side of the system, you may be looking at only $6,000-$8,000.

Mid-rage dual fuel heat pump systems

$10,000 – $15,000

At a midrange price point, a full out replacement hybrid dual fuel heating, air conditioning, heat pump system installed in Wisconsin will be between $10,000 and $15,000. This would include a new furnace and a dual fuel heat pump, which is also a full central air conditioning system.

Ductless mini split heat pump

$6,000 – $40,000

A ductless heat pump system can be configured to provide heating and cooling to just one room in a home or be used as the single source of heating. Because of the vast installation configurations ductless mini split cold weather heat pumps can be installed in, there is large range of cost from $6,000 for 1 or 2 areas and up to $40,000 for a large home.

No matter what the upfront cost of the heat pump and installation is, there is a significant return on investment. Let the HVAC gurus at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air show you the savings in dollars and cents as well as for the planet.

Things to Consider When Upgrading to a Dual Fuel Heat Pump

  • When it comes to heat pumps, you need the right size

    Once upon a time in Wisconsin, heat pumps got a bad reputation, largely because they were not sized properly. Learn more about heat pumps in Wisconsin, and if you decide that a hybrid heating system is right for you and your family, ensure it’s the right size by choosing Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

  • A heat pump works different than a gas furnace

    Heat pumps are ideal for the shoulder seasons and won’t likely be a sole source of heating our Wisconsin homes as long as winters stay as cold as they have been, and in turn, they work a bit differently. Heat pumps are designed to run for a long time and maintain a consistent temperature in the house versus turning on and off frequently. A word of caution: if you’re looking to heat your home up fast and set the thermostat back by more than 5 degrees, then a heat pump may not be for you.

  • Permits & upgrades

    We pull permits on all heat pump installations because installing a heat pump is a major project in your home, plus it’s required by code and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Often when converting a traditional Wisconsin heating system to a hybrid heat pump, there are other HVAC system upgrades that need to be done. Rest assured that when you bring Team Austin in to perform your heat pump installation, we are experts because we are ready to prove the work we did was up to code and we know our clients won’t have it any other way.

  • Permits & Upgrades

    We pull permits on all heat pump installations because installing a heat pump is a major project in your home, plus it’s required by code and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Often when converting a traditional Wisconsin heating system to a hybrid heat pump, there are other HVAC system upgrades that need to be done. Rest assured that when you bring Team Austin in to perform your heat pump installation, we are experts because we are ready to prove the work we did was up to code and we know our clients won’t have it any other way.

  • Heat Pump Rebates, Credits & Savings

    Right now there are many changes taking place in the HVAC industry that affect heating system replacement efficiency. Consider investing in a high efficiency dual fuel heat pump system to take advantage of rebates and credits at the federal, state & manufacture level. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a heat pump also an air conditioner?

Yes! One of the coolest (pun intended) things about a heat pump is that it is also an air conditioner.

Do heat pumps work in Wisconsin?

Yes! Year after year, the ideal conditions for heat pump heating linger longer and longer on the front and back of typical Wisconsin winters. Visit our comprehensive article where we discuss the ins and outs of cold weather heat pumps.

What size heat pump does my home need?

Like all HVAC equipment, sizing will make or break not only the comfort of the system but the lifespan of the heating system. A heat pump will be sized like an air conditioner, believe it or not. Don’t sweat this part! Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will ensure you get the proper heat pump for your home.

What brand heat pump is best?

We don’t typically take a stand on what brands are the best, but when it comes to heat pumps, there is a clear winner. Daikin Comfort is a leader in inverter heat pump technology which is used in Amana Side Discharge Heat Pumps. For a whole home heat pump in Wisconsin, Amana is a clear winner.

Can a heat pump replace a gas furnace in Wisconsin?

In most cases, no. A heat pump in Wisconsin is typically a dual fuel heat pump, which means that your home is heated by both the heat pump which is fueled by electricity and your furnace which is typically fueled by natural gas.

What is the warranty on a heat pump installation?

Most of the major heat pump brands have a 10-year parts warranty and a lifetime compressor. When you choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air as your installer, our installation, labor, and craftsmanship are warrantied and guaranteed in-house, so you know the investment you made is protected.

Do you provide heat pump quotes?

Typically, the first step in choosing an upgraded heating system is to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. During this visit, we will evaluate your current system, its performance, and get to know you and your home. 

Once we gather the technical information from your home and have a chance to learn about your needs and wants, we will put together a comprehensive quote for a replacement system for you to consider. No pressure, no salespeople. Just true HVAC techs serving your needs, your family, and your home.

Why Choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air For Heat Pump Services?

We believe in service not sales

The same techs that work on your existing heating and cooling system are the ones you will consult with regarding a new hybrid dual fuel heat pump system.

Installed by the right tech, not any tech.

We employ true craftsmen who are experts at heat pump installation, service, and repair. Our installation specifications exceed the manufacturer’s specs and our cross-check process ensures your installation is scrutinized by not one team of heat pump technicians, but two. You’re guaranteed your new system is installed properly.

Industry Leading Warranties & Guarantees

A heat pump should be long term investment. We don’t cut corners, which means we can stand proudly behind our work.

We’re Local

Choose local when it comes to your  heat pump installation, or service. When you choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air; You’re doing business with a trusted local company.

Proven for decades – trusted for generations

HVAC companies pop up and disappear all the time in this market. With all the buzz in the industry about heat pumps; history is sure to repeat its self. Our team has been serving this area for 80+ years and counting. Trust the Team at Austin, Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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Heat Pump Installation- Next Steps

1. Is a new heat pump the right choice to heat your home?

There is no shortage of heat pump information on the web. After digesting a lot of it, many of our clients are still left with the unanswered question: Is a heat pump a good choice for our home? Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will help you land on that answer because a heat pump isn’t right for all homes or clients. The first step is to decide if a heat pump installation will meet your needs.

2. Schedule an evaluation & estimate

To get the straight answer about if your home is a good candidate for a ductless heat pump or heat pump heating and air conditioning system in general, the HVAC gurus on Team Austin are going to need to get eyes on your system. During our assessment of your home, we will take a look at your current HVAC system to determine if a heat pump is a good heating solution for your existing system.

3. Choose the heat pump system that meets your needs, wants, and budget!

We may find that you have several different options when it comes to a heat pump heating system and we will go over all of them with you. 

Ultimately, you decide which heat pump system is the right choice for you and your budget. To help along the way, we have financing available and will help you navigate some of the rebates and tax credits available through the Inflation Reduction Act.

4. Booking your heat pump installation

Once you have landed on the heat pump that best suits you, it’s time to get the installation on the schedule!

5. What to expect during the heat pump installation

The installation of a heat pump is almost exactly like the installation of a central AC system. After all, a heat pump and AC system are basically the same machine. If you have a ducted heat pump or dual fuel heat pump, you can expect a full day for our installation crew to be onsite. Some heat pump installs are more involved and some are less.

6. Service goes beyond the install

Not only is a heat pump an investment into the future of heating Wisconsin homes, it will require a commitment from you in the way of service and maintenance. Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is right alongside you for that journey. So whether it’s registering the new heat pump we just installed, answering questions or ongoing maintenance, we are there for you beyond the sale.