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Need An Emergency Plumber ASAP? Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air Can Help.

Emergency Contact Information

We are open to take emergency plumbing calls from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and 8:00am to 12:00 Saturday 

If your plumbing or water heater emergency is occurring during normal business hours, call our office at 262-367-3808.

We don’t ignore after-hours plumbing emergencies:

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Helpful Tools In Emergency Plumbing Situations

Common plumbing emergencies we solve

Listed below are a few different common plumbing problems we receive emergency calls for, and how to treat them before we arrive.

Leaking water heater
  1. Turn incoming water off 
  2. Turn gas supply off
  3. Call for service 

If the leak is slow, manageable and not causing damage,  monitor the water heater and you can leave the water heater operational.

Visit The Emergency Water Heater Service Page

Active water line leak
  1. Shut water off to home or isolate the leak if possible
  2. If the leak is minor, you can collect water in bucket and leave water on to the home
Active drain line leak
  1. Stop using water in the home
  2. Shut the water supply off if necessary
Sewer backup
  1. Minimize using water in the home or stop all together 
  2. Unplug the water softener if you have one
  3. Unplug the iron filter if you have one
Grinder pump alarm
  1. Stop using water in the home
  2. Unplug your water softener if you have one
  3. Unplug the iron filter if you have one
  4. Visit our grinder pump page
Leaking well tank
  1. Turn off the power to your well pump
  2. Close the main shut off valve to your home
  3. Drain the tank
No water from well
  1. Check circuit breaker for well pump (turn on if off)
  2. Check to make sure main shut off is in the on position 
  3. Visit Well Service page
Frozen pipes
  1. Open cabinet doors, shower doors, etc.
  2. Remove shower trim if shower valve is froze 
  3. Shut water off to the home if you leave. This will prevent coming home to flood in case the pipe thaws while you are gone and there is a split in the pipe.
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Follow These 3 ER Plumbing Action Steps

Step 1

Step 1) Triage the Plumbing Emergency.

First, select the emergency you need to triage: Frozen Pipes | Water Heater Leaks (Visible) | Water Heater Leaks (Invisible) | Backed-Up Sewer Drains

Step 2

Step 2) Determine whether you need emergency plumbing service.

After getting the water situation under control, consider whether your emergency can wait until business hours resume. Emergency dispatch fees are expensive; click to see what you can do in lieu of an after-hours emergency plumbing service.

Step 3

Step 3) Book an emergency plumbing service call.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to triage your ER plumbing situation to the point that it is no longer an emergency. If you’re still experiencing the issue and it cannot wait even a day, the next step is to get one of our emergency plumbers out to see you ASAP.

PRO TIP: If you’re experiencing a hot water heater emergency during our normal business hours, the fastest way to book a service is to call us at (262-367-3808).

24/7 Plumbing Emergency First-Aid Kit

Thawing Frozen Pipes

Follow these steps if you have or suspect a frozen pipe:

  • Let the cold out + let the heat in. If you have a frozen pipe to a sink, open the cabinet doors under the sink so that warmer air can start to fill that cold space (even if the air in your house doesn’t feel very warm, it will make a difference).
  • Same for shower valves: If your shower valve is frozen, remove the trim plate so that it can start to thaw.
  • Shut off water to your home. If the freeze caused any part of your plumbing system to break, shutting off your water will prevent any potential floods.
  • Turn up the heat in the house.
  • Turn the water back on (and off again) to see if the pipe thawed.

Water Pipe Leaks You Can See

If you’re having a plumbing emergency related to a leaking water pipe, and you can spot the origin of the leak, do this:

  • Isolate the leak, or shut the water off to your whole home.

Water Leaks You CAN’T See

When you have water leaking through the ceiling, or you can’t access the source of the leak for any other reason, it can be frustrating and scary. Don’t panic; simply follow the steps below:

  • Stop using all plumbing in the area directly above where you are noticing the leak.
  • Listen for hissing and spraying. If you hear these sounds, there is a good chance your plumbing emergency is being caused by a water line leak. If this is the case, shut off the water to your house.
  • If the drywall is wet, you can carefully poke a hole in it for the sake of providing a quicker path for the water to drain out. (Be prepared with a pot or other means of catching the water.)
  • Shut off the main water valve to your home.

Fixing Sewer Drainage Backups

  • At minimum, you should immediately stop all water use in the affected area of the home. If possible, stop all home water use entirely for now.
  • Unplug your water softener and/or iron filter. 

Monitor the situation: See if the drain goes down at all. If it drains slowly or doesn’t drain at all, you’ll likely have limited use of the plumbing system until we get there to solve the problem.

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Plumbing Service.

Do I need after-hours plumbing repairs, or will I be okay until the morning?

For a number of reasons, it’s actually better to wait for normal business hours to have your plumbing emergency resolved.

How much does emergency plumbing service cost?

An after-hours plumbing service can cost $600-$1000 more than it would during normal business hours.

Can you guarantee you can fix my plumbing after hours?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. Our team members rely heavily on each other, not to mention our vendors and suppliers, to provide the resources we need to deliver our plumbing services to you. Many of these resources are simply not available after hours.

Plumber from Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air making a repair on a water heater

Why You May Be Better Off Waiting Until We’re Open for ER Plumbing Services

Did you know that most after-hours plumbing repair attempts end in failure? It’s true. Moreover, what starts out as an emergency drain pipe or water heater service can easily become an everyday repair once the situation is de-escalated.

Even when dealing with a complete loss of water, we find that most customers given this information choose to wait a day to take advantage of the following benefits.

    Benefit #1: By waiting, you’re actually getting a better service for less.

    Dispatch fees for after-hours plumbing emergencies–including water pipe repairs or drain back ups–can be around $700 just to get a technician to your house. And if that tech isn’t able to fix the problem after all, you’re out of luck until tomorrow!

    Factor in average overtime fees–not to mention the actual cost of the repair service!–and that price can blow up easily into the 4-digit zone. Remember, this is all for the same service that may cost you thousands less if purchased during our normal hours of operation.

    Benefit #2: You’re getting the right repairman–not just whoever’s available.

    Some plumbing repairs require special skills and equipment that the on-call technician simply doesn’t have. By booking an emergency plumbing service for normal business hours, we’re able to dispatch the most qualified and best-equipped plumber to your home.

    Benefit #3: Save your time: most ER plumbing repairs won’t be possible until the next business day, anyway.

    Due to factors like parts availability, tech support live hours, and so many other considerations, the most we can usually do after-hours is assess your plumbing emergency. Any repairs will probably have to be scheduled for when we reopen and have resumed normal operations.

    Coping Without Water: Alternatives to Paying for a 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

    After containing your plumbing emergency, alternatives to having a 24/7 emergency visit include:

      • Leaning on family, friends or neighbors for temporary use of their plumbing system.

      • Take advantage of the showers and restrooms at your gym or athletic club.

      • Turn your lemons into lemonade.

        Load up the family and head to a hotel or water park for the rest of the weekend. Chances are, the cost of a hotel room will be far less than the after-hours dispatch fees charged by your emergency plumber.y indoor water park for the time being.

        If an impromptu weekend getaway sounds expensive, trust us when we say it’s a far better use of money than after-hours plumbing fees. And as much as we’d like to take your money, the truth is that even after an emergency check-up, you’re likely to end up unable to get the issue fixed until tomorrow.

      Booking 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services with Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air

      Team Austin offers after-hours services for water heater emergencies. Read on to learn more!

      After-hours appointment availability

      After-hours service appointments are limited. If there aren’t any open slots when you check, then we suggest you book the next available appointment–even if that means waiting 1-2 days.

      Remember: It is virtually always better to wait 12, 24 or even 36 hours for one of our experts to attend to you than to solicit companies who offer no guarantee of success for exorbitant fees.

      After-hours dispatch fees

      After-hours dispatch fees are charged on every service call dispatched outside our posted business hours, regardless of external factors or circumstances.

      After-hour emergency related to a new, warrantied or recently-serviced water heater

      All warranties made by Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air are valid during normal business hours only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

      If there is an issue you believe is under warranty or related to recent work, and it’s not something that can wait for normal business hours, we are happy to come out after-hours (subject to availability). However, please keep in mind that dispatch fees will apply and an immediate solution is not guaranteed.

      Can Austin reimburse me if I have to go to another company for after-hours repair work?

      If our schedule is full, and you have an issue you believe is under warranty or related to recent work that cannot wait, please go ahead and call another company who can attend to you faster.

      If management determines that the above conditions apply, Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will reimburse you for up to $250 of the after-hours repair cost you were made to pay in our absence.

      To claim your reimbursement, please contact us during business hours and ask for a manager to help you submit your after-hours invoice. It pains us to be busy when you need help–this is our way of easing your burden even when we can’t be there.

      How to book an after-hours emergency appointment

      If you need 24/7 ER service for your water heater, you can always check our availability online, which is constantly being updated. Click here to book a service in real time.

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